New Professional and Collegiate Theatre Relationship

A&T Students - Love Potion Number 9

For the past 12 years North Carolina A&T State University has had a limited internship relationship with Touring Theatre of North Carolina (TTNC). Students enrolled in the internship class have been assigned to TTNC in various capacities. We are looking to deepen and expand this relationship. The Theatre Arts Program at North Carolina A&T State University is the home of the National Award-Winning Richard B. Harrison Players and offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, Theatre Technology, Set and Costume Design.  The Theatre Program has won numerous regional and national awards and is accredited by The National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST) since 1988, making it the first accredited Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in North Carolina and only the second in the nation.

The theatre program at A&T is relatively small with 55 majors. This allows the program to have more one-on-one and small group interaction with students. The size of A&T’s program is a perfect fit for TTNC. Because of TTNC’s unique range of work A&T’s students will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of theatre through a process that is very different from mounting a traditional play. They will be introduced to the concepts of focusing on the literature and using the language and movement as symbols. They will be challenged to re-envision the technical aspects of theatre without large sets but with minimal set pieces that are symbolic but meet the needs of the director’s concept and TTNC’s unique theatre style. Our young artists get the opportunity to study and perform directly with local professionals who are at the top of their profession.

The students will be integrated into multiple production areas including stage management, acting, design, adaptation, marketing, audience development and front of house. One of the objectives of this relationship is to nurture an environment that integrates the educational, artistic and professional resources of an established and well respected theatre company.

This relationship with Touring Theatre would allow the company’s remarkable unique concepts to be shared with a new generation of young artists. Theatre majors will digitally archive, audio and video record performances, rehearsals, meetings and audience talk-backs for future research, grant support materials, workshops and training sessions. The intergenerational impact would resonant through all areas of the company from board meetings to rehearsals to audience interaction. TTNC will have use of the following theatre resources: rehearsal space, limited costumes, props and set pieces.

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