Christmas Tree Decorating Competition


Every year Well•Spring hosts a Christmas Tree Decorating Contest for twelve non-profits. This year Touring Theatre of North Carolina received an invitation to participate. Assisted by interns from North Carolina A&T State University’s Theatre Program, Touring Theatre has produced a beautiful tree which showcases the theatre’s work. Each group receives $500 for participating but the tree that has the most votes will be awarded $2000.


A tree celebrating Touring Theatre, designed and decorated by its A&T Theatre interns, will be on display from December 1 through December 14 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Anyone can visit the tree display as many days as one wishes and each day can vote up to three times for their desired tree. At the same time that a person votes they also register for a Amazon Kindle Fire which will be given to the lucky person whose name is drawn. Well•Spring is located at 4100 Well Spring Drive, Greensboro NC 27410.


For the past 12 years, A&T’s Theatre Arts Program has had a limited internship relationship with TTNC. Students enrolled in the internship class have been assigned to The Company in various capacities, we have now deepened and expanded this relationship. The students have been integrated into multiple production areas including stage management, acting, design, adaptation, marketing, audience development and front of house. One of the objectives of this relationship is to nurture an environment that integrates the educational, artistic and professional resources of an established and well-respected theatre company with a new generation of young artists. The theatre programs student organization Alpha-Psi-Omega is partnering with TTNC for Well-Springs Holiday Tree Decorating Competition.

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