Collaborations and Presenting Partners

 TTNC is all about collaboration. 

We know that stories don’t happen in a vacuum–they happen in community. That is why we work with diverse groups, organizations, and community members to envision, create, and produce our work. 

TTNC collaborates with scholars, presenters and organizations involved in the same concerns as the subject matter being presented.  Scholars serve as both consultants in the creation of new work as well as facilitating post- performance conversations.   Organization often commission or use the work in carrying out their own respective missions and to culturally enrich their own communities.

Touring Theatre provides opportunities for learning experiences and community change-work through performance.

Some past and present Presenting Partners:

Others presenting partners and artistic collaborations include:

Edward C. Smith Civic Center, Lexington, NC

Fred Chappell, Author

Quinn Dalton, Author

Pamela Duncan, Author

Todd Johnson, Author

Randal Kenan, Author

Jill McCorkle, Author

Michael Parker, Author

Lee Smith, Author

Eudora Welty, Author

Joseph Bathanti, Poet

Katherine Stripling Byer, Poet

Sally Buckner, Poet

Theresa Church, Poet

Jackie Shelton Green, Poet

Lenard Moore, Poet

Ruth Moose, Poet

Stephen Smith, Poet

Shelby Stevenson, Poet

Karl Schleunes, Historian

Loren Schweninger, Historian

Davidson County Community College, Thomasville, NC
Surry Community College Dobson, NC
Richmond Community College, Cole Performing Arts Center, Hamlet, NC
Rockingham Community College, Wentworth, NC
Davie County Arts Council, NC
Durham Arts Council, NC
Surry County Arts Council, NC
Wake County Arts Council, NC
US Army, Fort Bragg, NC
John L Throckmorton Library, Fayetteville, NC
Environmental Protection Agency, Raleigh, NC Division
The University of South Carolina at Aiken

Loudoun County Public Library, Loudoun, VA

Norfolk Opera House, Norfolk, VA
The Virginia Army National Guard at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial,
Washington, DC and the Richmond Holocaust Museum, Richmond, VA
The Department of the Interior, Washington, DC
The National Archives, Washington, DC
Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, DC
Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD
The Publick Playhouse, Cheverly, MD
Life University, Marietta, GA
Reinhardt College, Waleska, GA
Miami VA Hospital, Miami, FL
The School House Theatre, Del Ray Beach, FL
Corning Glassware, Corning, NY
The Rokeby Museum, Burlington, VT
University of Nebraska Medical School and Omaha Urban League