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Photo by Kathy Dollyhigh

The Holocaust is a difficult topic to present in any setting but Let Your Children Tell was able to keep 500 high school students engaged for the entire performance. I have had countless students tell me their time in the auditorium that day was one of the highlights of their school year.

—Lee Holder, History Teacher, North Lenoir High School, LaGrange, North Carolina

Let Your Children Tell

Adapted and Directed by Brenda P. Schleunes
Commissioned by the North Carolina Council on the Holocaust
45-50 minutes

Let the Children Tell

Photo by Kathy Dollyhigh

This theatre documentary about the Holocaust follows the lives of four young people from Germany, Austria, Hungary, and The Netherlands through their diary entries as they respond to the edicts, laws, and horrific deeds of the Nazis of Germany’s Third Reich. Let Your Children
explores racism, discrimination and prejudice as it existed in a modern society.

I felt it was me on that stage. This play has made me more sensitive towards people of
other races and religions.

Lenoir County, NC, high school student

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