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Join the Brenda Schleunes Legacy Building Fund

Touring Theatre was born and raised in Greensboro!  This city, its people, and its communities have been the artistic laboratory from which this company’s work has evolved, and you have been an integral part of this theatre’s success!

Now is the time to ensure that the powerful and important work of Touring Theatre continues!

Please give to the Brenda Schluenes Legacy Fund. We need your help.

Donna Baldwin Bradby – Executive Director, Touring Theatre of North Carolina

Thank you for your continued support!

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The Stories Go On!

The Stories Go On!

The Artistic Legacy Team left to right Erin O'Connor Johnson, Vanecia Boone, Brenda Schleunes, Camilla Millican and Kay Thomas Touring Theatre, now in its 39th year, is deep in the process of legacy building so that the iconic work of Founder, Brenda Schleunes can...

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About Touring Theatre of North Carolina

Touring Theatre of North Carolina is a not for profit, active producing professional theatre that celebrates the on-going human search for dignity across lines of ethnicity, gender, economic status, religion and age.

Touring Theatre is a Laboratory: It looks for local stories. It develops and premiers new works drawn from literature, historical documents, and from people within its community. Most years it premiers three new works in its Chamber Series, introducing one or two of them into its touring production inventory.

Touring Theatre is Relevant: It emphasizes relevancy by responding to the concerns, celebrations and commemorations of its local and state community.

Touring Theatre is Collaborative: It collaborates with community organizations, groups, scholars, and others who are engaged in the subject matter being presented in order to produce the most relevant and authentic work. Often community partners will create the space for facilitating post-performance discussions.

Touring Theatre is Local: It gathers stories of local relevance and is firmly rooted in the central North Carolina community. All of its productions are developed and premiered in Greensboro, NC, before becoming available for touring.

TTNC is Accessible: It brings high quality, educational and vibrant theatre productions to all corners of the state and beyond.

Touring Theatre’s Artistic Director Brenda P. Schleunes with North Carolina authors Fred Chappell and Lee Smith

35 Years of Engaging Theatre